1617 SIM
  • All calls charged directly by Mobistar at the rates shown
  • Works on all Mobistar Tempo and 1617 SIMs
  • Over 150 countries available
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Cheap International Calls

1617 is an amazing new service that lets you call the world on all Mobistar Tempo SIMs from just 1c/min. The services works right away, so if you are already a Mobistar customer then you can start making huge savings on your international calls right now, with no sign up or activation required.

If you are not already on Mobistar, not to worry! Simply get yourself a 1617 SIM or any Mobistar Tempo SIM from a store and join our network today! Find out more Find out more



This is how it works:

Call 1617 and press Start Call
When connected, dial the full number starting 00
Low rates available 24/7
  • Algeria 4ct/min
  • Angola 9ct/min
  • Bangladesh 1ct/min
  • Cambodia 18ct/min
  • Cameroon 6ct/min
  • Congo DRC 8ct/min
  • Europe* 3ct/min
  • Ghana 8ct/min
  • India 1ct/min
  • * Exclusions apply
Low rates available 24/7
  • Morocco 4ct/min
  • Nigeria 2ct/min
  • Pakistan 5ct/min
  • Poland 3ct/min
  • Romania 3ct/min
  • Sri Lanka 10ct/min
  • Thailand 3ct/min
  • Turkey 2ct/min
  • Vietnam 9ct/min